Bento + 2 cupcakes from 35€

Bento cakes are small cakes, usually for 1-2 people, made in small takeaway boxes.

We offer six different flavors in bento cakes. Bento cake is good for a small surprise or for a celebration for two.

a cake with a teddy bear birthday cake
a cake with a teddy bear birthday cake


  • chocolate, salted caramel and raspberry

  • summer berries and vanilla

  • raspberry and passion fruit

  • rhubarb and strawberry

  • Red Velvet

  • raspberry and vanilla

When ordering, please specify your desired design, colors and lettering.

All cakes can be made without dairy products, without wheat flour, without eggs and vegan.

We do not 100% copy any work, neither our own previous work nor the work done by others.

After submitting your request, we will send you a final quote.

summer berries and vanilla

A real summer superstar. Juicy vanilla sponge cake layered with delicious vanilla cream and seasonal berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries... mmm, it's a real summer!

Inside: vanilla sponge, vanilla cream, summer berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), vanilla mousse.
chocolate, salted caramel and raspberry

The perfect combination of chocolate and vibrant raspberry. A little decadent, but not too sweet at all. You can never go wrong with this combo!

Inside: chocolate sponge, chocolate cream, raspberries, salted caramel, crispy chocolate pearls, vanilla mousse.
raspberry and passion fruit

A cake that you will like if you prefer more sour and fresh flavors. Our most popular filling for both birthday and wedding cakes for 5 years.

Inside: vanilla sponge, passion fruit cream, raspberries, passion fruit curd, vanilla mousse.
rhubarb and strawberry

Spring bow to rhubarb and strawberries - tart and fresh. At the same time, vanilla cream and mouth-watering vanilla biscuit add a bit of sweetness.

Inside: vanilla sponge, vanilla cream, rhubarb jam, strawberries, vanilla mousse.
Red Velvet

A velvety classic from the USA. Silky red sponge cake with vanilla flavored cream in between. Simple and romantic, suitable for those who are not very fond of berry and tart cakes.

Inside: red velvet sponge, vanilla cream, vanilla mousse

raspberry and vanilla

A delicate classic cake, where vanilla is found both in the biscuit and in the cream. Raspberries bring freshness. A nice choice for class lovers as well as small customers, also perfect for a children's cake.

Inside: vanilla sponge, vanilla cream, raspberry jam, raspberries, vanilla mousse.

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