Birthday cakes

in Tallinn

Get the perfect cake for any occasion. Personalized designs, delicious flavours. Creating cake masterpieces for unforgettable moments.

Cream cupcakes
Cream cupcakes
White cake with gold details
White cake with gold details


raspberry and passion fruit

double chocolate

rhubarb, raspberry and caramel

apple and vanilla


raspberry and vanilla

Red Velvet

pear and caramel

chocolate and raspberry

Discover our cakes

Please note that each cake is a unique creative expression, with no cake being exactly the same. We create something unique and beautiful for you each time inspired by your flavour choice and design guidelines, never an exact replica.

Happy Birthday cake
Happy Birthday cake
Party birthday cake
Party birthday cake
Vintage beige cake just married
Vintage beige cake just married

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CAFU: delicious and beautiful cakes in Tallinn

History of CAFU

CAFU is a family business operating in Tallinn that specializes in making delicious and beautiful cakes. CAFU has been operating for several years and has gained great popularity among customers during this time.

CAFU team members always loved cooking and were passionate about making cakes.

CAFU started by making cakes at home and selling them to local cafes and residents. But CAFU grew quickly and soon CAFU moved to the center of Tallinn. In the new location, CAFU had more space to make cakes. CAFU also gained more business clients.

CAFU continues to grow and evolve. The CAFU team has always strived to provide our customers with the best possible cakes. They use only high-quality ingredients and are constantly testing new recipes.

CAFU products and services

CAFU offers a wide range of different cakes to suit any occasion. The selection includes both traditional and modern cakes, cupcakes and other desserts, including:

  • Classic cakes

  • Macaroons, cupcakes and other desserts

  • Bento cakes that are small and easy to eat

CAFU cakes are made from fresh and high-quality ingredients. All cakes are handmade and decorated masterfully.

CAFU is known for its personal approach. For each order, the customer's wishes and needs are taken into account. CAFU is willing to do whatever it takes to create just the kind of cake the customer wants.

CAFU also offers other services such as:

  • Cake delivery

  • Order cakes in advance

  • Making cakes according to special requests

CAFU customers

CAFU's customers are both private individuals and companies. Private individuals often order cakes from CAFU for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other anniversaries. Companies order cakes from CAFU for, for example, company parties, seminars and other events.

The future of CAFU

CAFU plans to continue to grow and expand. CAFU wants to continue to offer its customers delicious and beautiful cakes made from high-quality ingredients.

CAFU wants to offer its customers even more varieties of cakes to suit every occasion.

CAFU team core values

  • Quality: The CAFU team uses only high-quality raw materials and adheres to strict quality standards.

  • Personal approach: The CAFU team cares about its customers and wants to provide them with the best possible service.

  • Creativity: The CAFU team is always ready to test new ideas and creative solutions.


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